Zoe Saldana cast as Nina Simone


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Zoe Saldana cast as Nina Simone

A Nina Simone Biopic has been in the works for quite some time now, first cast as Nina Simone, Mary J Blige was not a firm favorite among fans and critics alike. However, when news broke that actress, Zoe Saldana would replace the RnB singer – it seemed as though things went from bad to worse.

Pirates of the Caribbean star, Zoe (34) has received flack for the recent news, and one of the reasons for this is that she in no way resembles the iconic singer, Nina Simone in any way. It does seem a bit ridiculous that a light skinned actress is chosen to play someone who was always told that she was much too black.

Daughter of Nina Simone, Simone has also expressed her concerns and disapproval of the film, claiming that it is unauthorized and in no way supported by the Nina Simone estate as it improperly represents her mother, and a specific period of her life.

Arguments aside, it is felt that this legendary vocalist, who was an eclectic breed, as a singer, songwriter and pianist who blessed genres of soul, blues, funk, R&B, gospel, jazz, pop and classical music with her powerful gift and also stood firm as a civil rights activist deserves a well thought through and properly constructed memorial if entered into at all.