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Siyanda Stofile a 25 year old East London native, is the young, talented and creative mind behind the Butter Jewellery line.

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Siyanda Stofile a 25 year old East London native, is the young, talented and creative mind behind the Butter Jewellery line.

This young beauty travels from city to city, putting together an array of her original pieces of  jewellery. She turned her passion for fashion and pretty things into a well-liked and recognised business.

Claire Mawisa in Butter Jewelry, Turquoise Necklace

”I’ve always been creative so beading, crocheting and sewing were hobbies of mine since the age of 10. I only turned it into a business when I noticed the interest people had in my work. I have been extremely fortunate, some would say prepared, and I have worked extremely hard because I’m so grateful that I can do something I enjoy some so much full time. ”

Butter Jewelllery debuted its powerful force into the business world on television magazine show, Top Billing (SABC 3).

Making such a graceful appearance, Siyanda could not help but avalanche into a jewellery sensation. When the episode of Top Billing aired, her customer and fan base grew immensely. Even SAMA award-winning musician, Zahara (another Eastern Cape creative) wore Butter Jewellery on her latest Live DVD show.

If Butter Jewellery caught the eye of a superstar, I’m sure it is only onward and upward from here, right?

Well the entrepreneur has taken even bigger steps with working with Nhlanhla Nciza and probably gained an extensive amount of knowledge about the business. Claire Mawisa and Lebo Mashile have become her friends and her support her in pursuing her career goals.

She was quoted saying: “I’ve become an expert in taking leaps of faith and realising that rejection only means I have to work a little harder. I am looking forward to taking a few more leaps.”

If that doesn’t encourage you to make your dreams into a reality- nothing else will.

Take a look at her jewellery on her blog: or see her (newly improved) website: or follow her on twitter @SIYA_STOFILE.