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Leletu Leroy Nohayi is a recording artist from Langa Township, Cape Town

Leletu Leroy Nohayi is a recording artist from Langa Township, Cape Town. He is known to most by the name, Lazer; a name that automatically made me think of a laser beam and I almost instinctively tried to connect the name (laser) with the artist. Laser beams have a variety of functions, some more important than others, including in laser printers, laser treatments in beauty therapy, for security purposes and more trivial uses like in pens and torches. This just shows the versatility of a laser beam. A laser and Lazer the artist are two different things, with more or less the same qualities/capabilities of versatility.


Lazer Press Shot_HiRes

Lazer comes from a musical background and like most hip hop heads will tell you, he grew up listening to the likes of Biggie, 2PAC and POC (prophets of the city). He also has experience singing in a choir as a youngster, and having sung in a choir also, I’m aware of the vast musical benefits one gets from participating in such activities. The hip hop artist from Cape Town already has a mixtape under his belt and is currently working on his second offering; titled the take-off and bestdonewell respectively.

His cool and easy-going nature translate into his music; music he has chosen to name ‘cloud music’. I found the term ‘cloud music’ very interesting. When I first heard the term ‘cloud music’, my mind began to imagine what it would sound like. Music that is in the clouds maybe; escapist in a sense. Music that is cool, collected, and that results in a new beginnings & understanding of things and the world. Clouds are made up of many tiny water droplets; we all know how powerful water can be. He defined‘cloud music’ as music that gets the listener elevated. He also defined it as music that is versatile and moving. He wants cloud music to reach people that may not necessarily even listen to hip hop music on a daily.


Lazers’ music has the potential to appeal to a wide audience as it is very easy on the ear. ‘Creativity and versatility are some of the things that will make you stand out’ says Lazer, who ultimately wants to be seen as more than just a rapper, but an artist.

“Normally an EP is ‘this is what I’m capable off’, a mixtape is ‘this is what I’m about’ and an album is ‘this is where I can go’. That’s the movement we tryna portray.” He believes in conceptualizing and having a solid theme throughout music; and believes this is what makes him different from other rappers.

With every artist a firm backing and support system is imperative. Lazer has found this in his team who he talks with about everything, from deciding on features for the mixtape to track selection, ‘we don’t just do things for the sake of doing them… everything is spoken about’.

The mixtape is expected to come out late September – early October and promises to showcase the skill of this young-talent as a lot of time and detail was taken in making the product. I believe Lazer will be warmly received by the South African public, so better acquaint yourself now before he blows up!



We  are proud to present that Lazer is engaging in a Spring/Summer tour with 2 Congolese African Superstars Aleko & Lumino. The tour will begin on the first day of Spring ( 1st Of September) at African International night club Chez Ntemba and continues throughout the festive season. For a taste of Lazer’s music, do visit his souncloud >>> and you can also follow him on twitter at @This_Is_Lazer.

For more information contact Manager at :


073 1261 405

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