YOUNG PEOPLE TO WATCH: Hip Hop Sensation Youngsta


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"I like to think of myself as a million in one rather then one in a million" says Riyadh.

“I like to think of myself as a million in one rather then one in a million” – Riyadh.

This 21 year old Cape Town born rapper has been putting pen to paper since the age of 12 and recorded a track that same year, it’s no doubt that this hip hop sensation was born to rap.  At the age of 21 he has 24 mix tapes under his belt and has made waves across the local music industry with his ability to compose music beyond his years,  and still sticking to his roots. #keepingitreal


Fresh out of high school, his decision to dive straight into the music industry full time was no surprise. He produced over 150 songs in 2010.

His ability to produce quality material, with his raw unconventional sound, and ability to captivate audiences lunched this lyrical sensationalist into the hip hop limelight. He freestyled his way to the top earning him the title of South Africa’s “King of Street Rap”. He also opened up for international super star Lil Wayne.

24 mix tapes later and there’s still no stopping this young lad. He was invited to collaborate with hip hop royalty Tumi Molekane and Reason at the Redbull studios In CPT. Weeks later he met with Dj Hamma and left studios with a 9 track EP titled dollars and White Pipes. Youngsta’s ability to experiment with a variety of genres and fuse it with his “keeping it local” style makes him one of the most dynamic rappers to grace our shores.


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In the space of only 3 years, Riyadh has made an unforgettable reputation for himself in the industry. In 2012 he produced countless songs and has wowed the nation with his need to verbalize being a “Youngsta” growing up in a new era. Whatever he writes is nothing short of inspirational. He already launched his own range of caps and hoodies representing his own quirky style and has also launched his album 21 Years Ahead of Time. Despite his sudden arrival to fame, Youngsta prides himself in keeping his work close to his roots. It’s no doubt that this lyrical mastermind has made it on our young people to watch platform.


“The best thing to Rap about is your own life, I rap about the hardship in of growing up in South Africa.” #YoungstaCpt!

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