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Buhle Mweli

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I am a music fanatic. Gospel, kwaito, hip-hop, maskande, soul, rock, you name it, I appreciate it.

I am a music fanatic. Gospel, kwaito, hip-hop, maskande, soul, rock, you name it, I appreciate it. Once in a while an artist comes along and makes me sit up and listen and Eden Myrrh is one of those artists. She has the impeccable ability to evoke emotion through her voice, melodies and words.


Eden is from Pietermaritzburg, KZN; and she’s not only musically gifted and beautiful, she also plays the piano. I wanted this 21-year-old singer/song-writer to tell her own story because she does best with words. Just a heads up, listen to “Eyes for you” on this songstress’s Soundcloud ( and thank me later.


Tell us who Eden is, in one line:

Oh, well that would be a let down wouldn’t it? To be able to describe Eden.

Describe your music?

A mix of alternative pop, funk and soul.

Any tertiary studies?

Yes. I am currently doing a Bachelor Of Business Administration with UNISA, I was also working towards my Diploma in Classical Piano but have taken a break for the year because of a hectic schedule.

What makes you laugh?

Life. I’m laughing all the time. I choose to. Either that or become very old and groggy very quickly.

When did you start singing/writing songs?

I remember singing a song I wrote at 13. So I probably wrote it at age 12 or 13. But, I started singing at a MUCH younger age.

What inspires your work and music?

Truth and Faith… and the need to express my love of life in Jesus.

What has been your greatest challenge in the industry?

The lack of integrity and the women accepting the degradation of women. I’m not a fan of being treated as a sex object, AT ALL.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully in the iPods of people all over the world, and they would have had to make a new genre of music for me.

What is you favourite song and/or artist at the moment?

OOOH! That is THEE worst question to ask me. At the moment I’m on a black woman soul vibe (NO ONE CAN DO SOULFUL BETTER THAN A BLACK WOMAN) so I’m listening to Esperanza Spalding, Leah Smith, Janelle Monae, Anita Baker with the exception of the very white but very soulful Kimbra, and dabs of hip hop on the side. (ooh, sorry, I wasn’t very good at answering that question).

What do you love the most about your work?

Meeting tons of interesting people and learning about them.

Being able to describe 'Eden' would be a let down
Being able to describe ‘Eden’ would be a let down

Complete the sentence:

I never thought that I would... Be a musician  or even aspire to be one

I will never… pass up an opportunity to go to ANY asian country! OHHHWEE!

My friends are… all over the world except with me. So no coffee dates except over skype.

My room is... a hipster’s paradise

I get frustrated when… I read the newspapers and all I read of is of women or children getting abused or corruption and greedy people.

I was so embarrassed when… I realized that my life is made up of a series of embarrassing behaviors.


What is the one thing that you want our readers to know about you? I dare to dream.

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Twitter: @Eden_myrrh

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Youtube: Eden123myrrh