Young People to Watch

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See how young people around South Africa are doing it for themselves!

Do you know what being hip means? It means being young, black, free and owning a clothing label at the young age of 24. Mawonga Max Zokoza born and bred at Qonce, King Williams Town, has his own clothing label called Phujeza clothing. Phujeza means “watch out”. He started this project early in 2011 with the aim of representing his home town, King Williams Town, but through that he also tries to make living out of this. As an artist himself he decided to ask other artists (like Bean and Pasco) to wear his label as a way of promoting it.

The clothing is currently available and people think it represents their different personalities. The t-shirts are and also hoodies are available in black with the print titled Phujeza in lime.

To place orders you can contact him using the following contact details:

cell: 0835363044

Facebook: Max Lane Mawonga