Young Brands to Watch : MCK Clothing

Vuyolwethu Dubese

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The success that MCK Clothing has attracted over the five years since its inception has been humbling says Dumi.

This man avails his time to his clientele, is brave enough to put his BBM pin and phone number on the twitter handle of his company’s account. But, being the business-minded young man that he is, I’m quick to find out why he’s using himself as stalker bait. He politely chuckles at the mention of the word “stalker” and gives me the nitty gritty of the whole idea: “This is how I market the brand, using a social media platform like Twitter amongst other social networks to reach a wider audience. This where our target market is.” he charmingly adds.

Born and raised in East London, Dumaza Ndata, or Dumi as he’s affectionately known by his peers is a graphic designer and a graduate of East London College. This creative with a dream bigger than the circumstances he grew up in, saw an opportunity that would awaken the entrepreneur in him and maximise on the prospect of a streetwear label that would be profitable and respectively “represent the youth culture”. And representing the youth culture Middle Class Kidz (MCK). MCK Clothing is in a league of its own.

“As an artist, I use MCK as a medium to bring out ideas, thoughts and a means of relation to the youth. This is my form of conversation with the middle class kidz.” says Dumaza, owner and creative director of MCK Clothing. I was impregnated with curiosity with regards to the name of the brand, and enquire from him I did. With an affable warmth and an excitement that had been canned before, he set the record straight; “The name is catchy, its attention grabbing and I fall under that social demographic – I consider myself a Middle Class Kid.”

The success that MCK Clothing has attracted over the five years since its inception has been humbling says Dumi. From having received coverage on publications such as Eastern Cape Today, Sunday Sun to the SABCs’ Ses’khona and Hectic Nine 9, where MCK Clothing ambassador Mawethu Matyila is a former presenter at and who now is an Imbo Live radio presenter, the exposure has done the label good. Introducing ambassadors to the label is not only a tool that the brand employed for marketing purposes, but an opportunity for the brand to communicate with their clientele, inspire and be given the prospect of manifesting the “upper class dream of a middle class kidz” says Mawethu.

With “Leaders of the Class” (winter range) in the pipeline hyping up on social networks, aspirations of being in the big league with HeadHoncho and 2Bob are leisurely through smart work being birthed by MCK’s Dumaza Ndata.

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