Xenlaii kicks off 2020 on a high note

Terry-Ann Adams

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Xenlaii releases visuals for How to Play

2020 is officially in full swing and while some of us ate still easing into the new decade, talented rap star, Xenllaii has already hit the ground running.

The genre bending rapper kicked off the year by releasing the visuals for his breakout hit; How to Play featuring Amarafleur. Directed by, Siz Meister, the music video draws on Black Mirror’s concept of reversing time to visualize what it’s like trying date someone. The imagery leans toward the psychedelic, drawing the viewer in to the mind of the artist. “There are so many nuances and subliminal imagery that requires the viewer to be invested more in the video, watch it more attentively and watch it more than once.” says Xenlaii

Check out the video here