What not to wear on a first date!


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What not to wear on a first date!

It’s very exciting when that one special guy asks you to go out on a first date after you’ve been waiting for a long time for him to make the first move. What you need to remember is, even though you getting all excited and amped on what to wear, there are a few things you will need to consider when choosing your outfit.

Do not wear something too revealing! You got to leave something for the imagination when he thinks of you. So all in all don’t be ratchet! Be an elegant lady because in the end you don’t want to give him a wrong impression of yourself as though you not here to make something worthwhile after the first date, for instance a lasting long relationship.

If you decide to wear a dress avoid showing too much cleavage. If you wearing a sexy dress let the legs be the sexy part of your legs, but I’m not saying wear a dress that’s just below your butt as though you going into a club in hopes that you can get free drinks. Wear a dress that is a few cm’s above your knees and that shapes those curves of yours. The same goes for your shorts if you decide to wear shorts on your date, don’t let your thighs speak let your face do the talking!

If you seem like you one of those girls who are ratchet you won’t be taken seriously. So your chances of you being “a makwaphene” (a side dish) are high! So don’t let yourself become a Sadie roll-on.