Ways to avoid arguments concerning your cellphones!


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Ways to avoid arguments concerning your cellphones

The are a few things that cause couples to fight when it comes to cellphones. The fact that cellphones are upgrading and social networks are becoming more and more into our lives when it comes to communicating with people at the same time.

Don’t walk away when your phone rings- if you with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your phone rings answer it while he/she is there, don’t quickly rush outside as though the building is on fire. It will cause suspicion and if you want to avoid the whole 21 question situation, relax and just answer your phone. If there are those calls that you are avoiding, its best to leave your phone on silent rather than spending hours arguing why you not answering your phone.

Avoid your phone when you with your girlfriend/boyfriend- there is nothing more irritating then a person who is busy on their phone while you are trying to socialize with them. How much more when you are dating? If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are trying to spend some quality time together, leave your cellphones alone! Put them under your beds if you have to or in the drawer of your table to avoid jumping up each time you get a notification or message.

Leave each others cellphones alone- stop acting all CSI on your boyfriends/girlfriends cellphone! As soon as he gets out of the room you jump like a ninja and start going through his messages whether its text or his social networks. If you are dating out of fear that he could be doing something behind your back (maybe cheating) you will find something that is upsetting and a huge fight will arise.

Don’t answers your boyfriends/girlfriends phone when it rings- If your he/she is not around and their phone rings. let it ring on its own and just let them know when they return that their phone rang. if you answer and its the opposite sex you wont let it slide you will want to know who was that on the phone.