Top Five Fridays West African tracks that Slap

Thula Mkhwanazi

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In celebration of Africa month, we could’ve just given you the Top 5 Afrobeats tracks and called it a Friday.

From Africa to the World

In celebration of Africa month, we could’ve just given you the Top 5 Afrobeats tracks and called it a Friday. But first we had to clear the air on the difference between Afrobeat and Afrobeats.

While Afrobeat refers to a very specific style of music (pioneered by greats like Fela Kuti), Afrobeats represents music across Africa as a single genre. Afrobeats is a term coined in the West to categorize African pop music and differentiate it from other forms of pop music around the world. The term “AfroBeats” compresses the vast musical style and mixes of African Music to portray our ideas from a western perspective.

Music from Africa should not be boxed in or sidelined as a single genre. If there can be KPop, there can be Ghanian Pop, Nigerian pop, South African pop and so on.. This means we celebrate the many facets of the continent without reducing music in Africa to one thing.  

In celebration of Africa Month, in no particular order here is the Top 5 West African tracks that Slap.

5. Mr Eazi Ft Burna Boy -Miss You Bad

Nigerian singer and Pioneer of Banku music Mr Eazi featured Burna Boy on this lyrically rich and mid-tempo track. The song is taken off Mr Eazi’s afro-fusion mixtape titled “Life is Eazi Vol 2: Lagos to London” which features intercultural collaborations. The story of his music is part of the journey of his movement from Nigeria to Ghana back to Lagos and then London. Eazi’s travels and experiences are apparent in the titles of his projects from Life is Eazi Vol 1: Accra to Lagos to Life is Eazi Vol 1: Lagos to London and his many collaborations across the continent.

4. Odunsi (The Engine)Feat RAYE- Tipsy

Odunsi (The Engine) is well known for exploring different cultures and blending new sounds into what he calls afro-fusion. So, this collaboration with UK RAYE was no surprise. The track has a unique style that we love from the Lagos singer and producer: a combination of pop, R&B and soul. The track takes on a neo-soul sound with a touch of Odunsi’s Lagos influences and Afro-fusion style.

3. Olamide -Woske

The Olamide hip hop recording artist kicked off 2019 with this brand new club banger Woske. The track comes after the hit track “Science student” and now he’s back with a retro-inspired look in his video. Woske comes through like wildfire with Olamide’s Yoruba flavour, and cool flow that is set to get you doing the shaku.

2. Rema -Iron Man

Iron man is part of the four tracks self-titled EP by 18-Year-old Nigerian rapper Remi.

The track takes on different styles and sounds from Pop, trap and also shows off his passion for Hindi singing through Bollywood melodies. The track makes for a soothing musical experience made for those Sunday chilled vibes or when you just winding down from a long day.

1. Niniola -Bana

Bana is taken off the very successful debut Album “This is Me” by Niniola. The Queen of AfroHouse has collaborated with the likes of DJ Snake on her smash hit Maradona Remake and even bagged a BET Nomination. This single produced by Sar continues to certify the Nigerian singer as an afro house giant. From Cape to Cairo this one will get you dancing.