Top 5 Apps to Upgrade your Social Media

Mamaputle Boikanyo

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As social media becomes a more integrated part of our lives, an increasing number of apps have become available to users in order to enhance experiences online. There are so many apps that you can install on your pc or phone in order to organise your social platforms, revamp your Instagram and make your stories more exciting.

Renew and Improve your social media experience

Below is a list of the five best social media apps that you can use on your personal and business social media pages.

No. 5 RiteTag

While you can usually get hashtag suggestions on Twitter and Instagram, RiteTag offers more advanced ways of making sure you’re using the best hashtag for your post. Predicting the strength of your hashtag, RiteTag works across social media platforms from YouTube and Linkedin, to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Essentially, it’s an organised way to utilise hashtags.

No. 4 Quik

Quik is a desktop video editor app that’s also available for any Apple and Android phone. For most of us amateurs, editing videos is usually reduced to a basic level, but Quik allows you to choose themes and graphics suitable for your videos, as well as the perfect music to go with your visuals. You’re also able to adjust the layout of your video and let Quik analyse the your video to select its best moments. Consider using Quik for creating more appealing stories for Facebook and Instagram. If you’ve previously ignored the app on your phone, you might just want to give it a test run today.

No. 3 Evernote

Evernote is a useful app to have while you’re navigating your brand and entrepreneurial journey. With Evernote, you can organise your social media and keep tabs with all your old and new ideas. It also allows you to manage things like your cash flow, create your content calendar, form a themed media library, plan your social media strategy and more. It might not be the best app if you’re simply using your social media for personal purposes, but if you’re branding yourself or using it for business, it’ll have you organised in no time!

No. 2 Planoly

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If you’re going for a specific theme and look on your Instagram page, Planoly is the app that’s going to help you achieve this. Great for a personal and business accounts, not only does Planoly give you previews of what your page will look like with what you want to post but it also helps you track your analytics, schedule your posts, plan out your stories, create drafts and manage replies to your comments all in one place. With Planoly, you can save all that time and energy you used to spend visualizing stuff in your head.

No. 1 Canva for design

The chances of people remembering information increases by 65% when text is accompanied by an image. So, if you’re trying to enhance your images, Canva might just be the app for you. It’s the perfect app if you’re looking to revamp your personal or business blog/website or social media page. Simple and easy to use, the design app is for any person or business that wants to save time and resources while upgrading the look and feel of their blogs, websites and social media platforms.  Canva designs offer a variety of templates and designs that give you the option of getting creative with everything from your Instagram stories, YouTube cover art, Twitter media templates, to your blog sidebar.

Did we miss out on any other great apps? Let us know in the comment section below.