The Perfect 10: Gadgets We Can't Live Without

Chido Vanessa Dandajena

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Teacher: "What five things do humans need to survive?" Student: "Air, water, food, shelter and warmth."

Teacher: “What five things do humans need to survive?”

Student: “Air, water, food, shelter and warmth.”


*Fast track to 2013*


Teacher: “Name five things that humans need to survive?”

Student: “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Macbook and Blackberry.”


Times are rapidly changing and what we deem as necessity is shifting from the more practical to the most comfortable and convenient. Since this is not the Stone Age, I asked around to find out which gadgets people in the Live Mag SA office simply cannot live without. Please note that “Cannot Live Without” here is used lightly and means “would rather not do without because this would mean actually having to do work”.


1. Charger

2. Remote Controls

3. Headphones/Earphones

4. Harddrive/Flashdrive/USB

5. Camera


Unfortunately, due to logistical reasons out of my control this list could not be completed to include ”Top 10: Perfect 10” as the heading suggests. This is not a personal error but an innovation peak. Everything literally does everything! If you have an ipad and iphone or Blackberry, whats the point of getting a laptop or camera? Anything more is just showing off.