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LIVE recently had a chat with Cape Town singer, Nomfusi about music and politics..

We had a chat with songbird, Nomfusi about her music career and the upcoming elections.

LIVE: Are you voting next year?

Nomfusi:  I’m not sure yet dear. I would need to study more of the new parties to make an informed decision.

LIVE:  As a young artist from the township, what challenges did you face when trying to break into showbiz?

Nomfusi: I lacked knowledge when I entered this business, so I made choices that weren’t totally in my favour. But now I’m doing a full time degree in music, with business as a subject so my eyes have been opened to this dog-eat-dog industry.  I am now involved much with creative choices that are being made about my music like the production process and my visual brand. I am increasingly taking more control of my business. At the end of the day, it’s all about  taking responsibility of the choices that you make and to make informed choices you have to consult people with a good track record in the business.

LIVE: What is your take on SA politics and the rivalry between the participating parties?

Nomfusi: SA politics is a mess covered with a white cloth. It’s like people were invited to a party but there is just a small piece of cake and now everybody is fighting for that one slice. I think only the truth shall set us free because our people are living with false hope and with each elections, more false hope is added.

LIVE: Which party would you mostly likely vote for?

Nomfusi: I would vote for a party with a realistic vision and with the plan to accomplish that vision.

LIVE: Why do you think it’s important for youth to vote?

Nomfusi: Voting is for people who have a choice and freedom of speech. But when you are poor, that choice is limited to a slice of bread. Poverty goes hand in hand with education. It is only through education that these people can make informed choices therefore education is the key to the future for liberating our people.

LIVE: Do you see any change over the past 19 years?

Nomfusi: The change I have seen is the growing gap between the rich and the poor and the different classes we have (poor, middle class and rich) which is not a new phenomenon but now it can be your next door neighbour moving from poor to middle class. After that, you never speak the same language ever again. There is a growing divide.

LIVE: How can we make this country a better place for every citizen?

Nomfusi: African countries need to unite. We need them, they need us. Together we are stronger. The truth is Africa is very rich but sadly not for Africans.

LIVE: Do you see the country growing politically?

Nomfusi: It’s not important what I see or wish but what we all know is there is a problem. ide yangathi nomdalali usifulathele.

LIVE: Corruption seems to be the biggest issue our government is dealing with. How do you think we, as the youth, should do to put a stop to it?

Nomfusi: Look, if there is no accountability then people will do as they like. Now the people that are “supposedly” accountable too are not educated. I think young people need to come together and talk because  a majority of us come from those RDP houses and we know poverty.

LIVE: If you were to be president, who would you fire from the existing cabinet?

Nomfusi: There has been a rotten potato and now the whole bag is spoiled, so I’m saying I don’t think it would help to fire a person now because it’s not just one person that is responsible. The change has to come from within. I really don’t  have answers to this evil world. Being united is gonna be our first victory so let’s find out what we all commonly share and let it bring us together. We all have our fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles who live in poverty. Let us all unite and make our government accountable to us.

LIVE: Any last words?

Nomfusi: Your vote is your voice. Share it while you still can.