Tony Ehrenreich of COSATU speaks on Youth Issues


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"I think the first thing we must do to young people is to apologise for not creating job opportunities, but also the fact that we haven't created the opportunities that gives them the equal start to life as their counterparts from the wealthier schools. But all those difficulties became part of our reality, what we now have to do is to make sure that young people understand that they have the responsibility to always present their best side."


“I think the first thing we must do to young people is to apologise for not creating job
 opportunities, but also the fact that we haven’t created the opportunities that gives
them the equal start to life as their counterparts from the wealthier schools.
But all those difficulties became part of our reality, what we now have to do
 is to make sure that young people understand that they have the responsibility
 to always present their best side.”