Three students die in road accident this weekend


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Three high school students die in car crash. With the Silly Season approaching, accidents like this will increase in frequency.


Strandfontein – Early on Sunday, 25th November 2012 a Toyota Corolla collided with a Golden Arrow bus. The accident which took place on the corner of Spine Road and Church Way, Strandfontein lead to the death of three high school students; only one person survived.

Kelly Ford, Leigh-Ann Swail and Keenan Smith, all 18, were students at Mondale High School in Mitchells Plain, while the survivor, Nazan Klaasen matriculated there a few years ago – he is currently in Groote Schuur Hospital. Ford and Smith died on the scene while Swail died at Groote Schuur Hospital.The Jaws of Life was used to free the four and pictures already publicized do not make for the most pleasant of visuals.Police spokesman FC Van Wyk said police were investigating a case of culpable homicide and it is also known that the four were out clubbing the night before.It is difficult to formulate an opinion as one does not know the cause of the accident and less sympathetic remarks are deemed as insensitive considering the end to these young lives. However, as we anticipate the approach of the silly season and with similar incidents having occurred before it is only fitting to discuss the realities of these incidents on our roads.

As a young generation who hold so much promise and potential, we are to be responsible and cautious when choosing our activities. Consider your priorities and what holds value and refrain from indulging in things which could delay or end your path.

A community mourns the loss of three individuals and a child is now without a mother.

Whatever you get up to this December, do your best to ensure you arrive alive.

“We need  to be extra cautious, we’re aware of the risks and should act accordingly.” – Zakiyah Ibrahim, Features Editor, Live Magazine SA.

The reality that this could happen to anyone of us should not only capture our sympathies but engage us in the realization that life is precious, and should be treated as such, not only in death.

For advice on how to stay safe this festive season :
A memorial service will be held at Mondale High School tomorrow at 10am.