The Plastics – Shark


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Live reviews Shark - The Plastics.

The Plastics – Shark

The Plastics are a fast-rising indie-rock band brewed down in the Cape. The melodic vocals of frontman Pascal Righini, supported by Arjuna Kohlstock on guitar, Karl Rohloff on bass and Sasha Righini on drums, will lift any sullen mood.  Their current 12-track album, Shark, which they say was inspired by whale sounds and the ocean (well, it is called shark) will bring out the inner Kurt Cobain in anyone. They created this album with acclaimed international producer Gordon Raphael, who has worked with the Strokes (yes, we just name dropped). When it comes to musical influences, the Beatles and the Gorillaz come to mind, though The Plastics are ever evolving their sound. Their lyrics range from crazy fun to insightful. You can jam to their song “Jukebox” and other sounds online, they have a something for every mood. [NN}

Rating: 4 musical notes