The not-so smart phone_ written by Dewandre


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Is your ability to access the internet giving you a leg-up in the real world?

Many of you reading this constitute the fortunate minority group that have access to the internet service via mobile phones. The internet has become so commercialised that it is a luxury for those who can afford the rates. In a study conducted by World Wide Worx only 8 million South Africans access the internet on their mobile phone sometimes or regularly of an approximate 50.5 million population. What are the implications? Basically, if you don’t have a smartphone or mobile phone with sufficient airtime you can’t access the internet. Accessibility is now a basic need in South Africa but, affordability remains a continuous struggle. The privilege of information access is a disadvantage to the remaining 42.5 million population that is constrained by the costly rates. Should this be a privilege?

Mobile users are shifting to smartphones and Blackberry is dominating this market. Many answer these questions by stating, ‘Its cause you don’t have a BB’ but is it really because of that. The world is moving towards the digital era and those who do not follow will be trapped in disparity. So if you are the privileged few reading this, think beyond the surface and give your thumbs some meaningful exercise