The Cape Town Electronic Music Fest


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Were you at the Cape Town Electronic music Fest? Did our photographers snap you? Or do you just want to know what went down

On the first day of the Electronic Music Festival, Cape Town was buzzing with exhilarating vibes. From the music to the people, expensive food and high energies. Cape Town’s Electronic Festival was all about celebrating the existence of Electronic music. I had the honour of experiencing and being in the presence of some of South Africa’s best Dj’s ranging from Rebel Clef, Pure solid, Liver, Ruffest, Tommy Gun, Richard the Third vs Jakobsnake, Anthea Scholtz, Sound Sensible, Killer Robot, and Canadian act, Richie Hawtin.

We were overwhelmed with expectation. We were feeling excited, like we were on top of the world. The people who work there were very professional but we didn’t get any freebies which was a bit disappointing. We also spotted Dj Hyphenza in the crowd who came to support the event.

On the second day Tehsynes, Christian Tiger School, Card on Spokes, Forgotten Free-quencies, Mix N Blend, Ready D feat. Youngsta, African Storm Soundsystem, Crazy White Boy, Shangaan Electronic, Sibot+ Toyota and Sayyid, Lark, A33, Niskerone, Haezer performed.When we arrived Shangaan Electro was on the decks, the crowd was vibrant and full of energy. Shangaan impressed us with their unique African dance moves and they were so different from all the other acts in the festival which made it pretty impressive to watch.

Sibot + Toyota and Sayyid stepped on the decks and drove the crowd insane! The scene kicked off with a couple of sound issues which basically messed around with our jam fluid. He counted down from 3, and when it came to the third number, he dropped the beat! The crowd went crazy! He started manually playing with his drum-pad live in front of us. He played it so fast, one would swear his fingers had talent of their own. The bass became louder, the dance moves became more intense, this guy (Sibot) knows how to move a crowd. A night that everyone will remember who shared it with us.

On the third day artist Helmut J vs Ryan Sullivan, Pierre Estienne, Belhr and Mey, Lady M, Diggin 4 Dj, Phat Jack, Terrence Pearce, Black Coffee, ESA, Floyd Lavine, G-Force performed  Rumor has it that the ending of the festival was a huge success. Everyone left with a wonderful memory that will be replayed for many years to come.

The whole event was an overwhelming experience and definitely highly recommended to attend the next CTEMF 2014!!!