Abel Dantyi

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What happened to sisterhood? All I hear these days are "that skunk stole my man..." Girl, Please! Nobody stole your MAN.

What happened to sisterhood?  All I hear these days are “that skunk stole my man…” Girl, Please! Nobody stole your MAN.

Nobody stole your man! Accept that he got weak in the face of another woman and made an irresponsible decision to touch a body that wasn’t for him to touch. When he left you was there a leash around his neck? No. Was he muted and chained, unable to come back to you when that other woman ‘took’ him? Nope.

Regardless of whether she knew you were with him, he knew HE was with you, but decided tonight, baby it’s not worth it. So why do you fight HER like she broke your heart when he’s the one that trampled it to the ground? And after a pitiful grovel and a silent “I’m sorry baby, I’ll never do it again” the one who betrayed you is forgiven and more gets love. Why?

Stop hating on a woman who simply lived her life and was approached by a man who publicly disowned you for sex. None of his male friends stopped him. Trust me baby they sat and laughed, joked together and gave him a nod when he walked out of that bar with her.  They cheered him on when he turn her inside-out in ways he never does you, because you’re too ‘tired’ and comfortable with your secretly crumbling relationship.

Nobody stole your man!, so stop embarrassing yourself and speaking badly about an innocent woman. Every  night he secretly distorts your reputation with his frisky, boyish charm, texting I love you‘s that you later discovered were from five another woman’s beds. You know he’s a charming trouser-snake, yet you keep him thinking he’s gonna change when he’s not ready to call you My all, but opts to chug tequila at a bar and bring home a colorful bouquet of STD’s for you to keep.

Now you’re gonna leave him and say men are dogs, when in actual fact you don’t know what a man is because a real man doesn’t treat women like that. So you become bitter and your resentful heart continues to hate on men. Yet, you turn around to give that asshole another chance, only to get disappointed AGAIN, and create an even longer list of women to hate while your ‘man to love’ list stays at one.

You need to learn to embrace yourself because hunny, you have all the power, you just have learn how to use it wisely and to your advantage. Remember the power lies in the cookie.