Superstorm Sandy – Update


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Superstorm Sally devastates Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas; while flooding New York City and leaving it in the dark.


Super storm Sandy, pummeled into New Jersey on Monday, around mid-night, causing 13 feet of seawater to flood New York tunnels, subway stations and the electrical system that powers Wall Street.

Here is an update on the latest effects:

  • There has been a total of 13 deaths so far
  • 24 homes has recently started burning in Rockaway Park, Queens
  • A levee has broken in New Jersey and as a results, thousands might be trapped in 3 towns in New Jersey
  • NYC subways are closed and flooded, experts say it will take approximately 4 days for it to be drained. This is the Subways worst disaster in its 108 years of history
  • US Stock Trading is closed for the second day in a row, this is the first back-to-back shutdown due to weather since 1888
  • All flights are cancelled to and from USA, bookings will only be taken from Thursday onwards and the earliest flight out is scheduled for Sunday. As a results, flights via Europe prices has been pushed u to 3900 Euros (approx. R43000)
  • Millions are in the dark across 13 States of the US
  • Due to power cuts, hospitals are now evacuating patients via staircases, helicopters are transporting sick babies(nine at a time)

    via air

  • There is also heavy snowfall in West Virginia
  • All of this happens, just 8 days before The Presidential Elections

There is not information yet as to how safe evacuees are or long the storm will last.

Credt: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo
Credit: Getty Images