SPONSORED POST: Can Music Heal You?


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Many people claim they feel better when they listen to music.

It has been proven that music is strongly connected to our emotions. This is not surprising at all. We have all experienced tears rolling down our cheeks while listening to an emotional song, or quite the opposite, jumping from our chair and dancing like crazy when a song we really like is being played at a party.

Many people claim they feel better when they listen to music. Cheerful music can have a great effect on our mood, while dancing that follows can be seen as a type of physical activity. Even crying your eyes out while listening to sad music is a way of letting go of bottled-up emotions.

Scientists decided to dig deeper into this matter and study human bodies while playing or listening to music. And as they had suspected, research substantiates claims that music can heal us in several ways.

Music for Stress Relief

Stress is considered to be the number one enemy when it comes to a lot of health problems we experience. Stress is believed to have a worse impact on our bodies than eating sugar or junk food. Therefore, if you learn to cope with stress, your health will improve.

Music is undoubtedly great at reducing stress since it affects our emotions, as we’ve already mentioned. Also, music is an art, and art is a product of creativity. Maybe you don’t have anyone to talk to about what’s making your life stressful or you simply don’t know how to express yourself but rest assured that someone was thinking exactly the same thoughts as you and then transformed them into music.

Listening to a song with lyrics that deal with the same problem you have can have similar effects to therapy — you will feel like someone understands you without explaining anything.

Improves Memory

Music is considered to be an excellent aid for people who suffer from memory loss. Even in the most severe cases, including patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, improvements can be seen. Some patients managed to recall specific memories when they listened to music from a certain period

Songs, as well as images, have the ability to stay in our minds forever, and, as they are always in touch with our emotions, they can help trigger some events from the past we forgot about. Once you hear a song that was popular while you were in high school, many memories you have from that period will come back to life.

Sleep Quality

People suffering from insomnia know how awful that is, as well as how much stress it can cause on both the body and mind.

The first problem is pretty much self-explanatory: if you don’t sleep well (or at all), you will be tired and unable to perform basic daily tasks, let alone some serious work duties. Moreover, apart from not being able to do things right, you’ll also become more clumsy as you won’t be able to focus, which can lead to mistakes that can create unnecessary problems.

Another problem is the stress that starts accumulating in your mind simply because you know you didn’t sleep enough and you might have a rough day only as a consequence of that.

The best solution for all of these problems is, again, music. There are plenty of channels on YouTube created specifically to target people with problematic sleep patterns. You can find sleep meditations, affirmations, binaural beats, or sounds of rain, all of which can help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Motivation for Exercising

Although we are bombarded with information about how much exercise our bodies need to stay healthy, sometimes it is difficult to even get out of bed. And once we manage to get up and get dressed, even the slightest thing can make us put off that early morning yoga session or run in the park.

It’s not a tremendous revelation, but an appropriate playlist can motivate you to move and exercise even on rainy days. Music can indirectly help you keep your body active and healthy.

If you are as healthy as an ox and you don’t need music to help yourself feel better, make it part of your daily routine nevertheless — even if it’s only for the sake of pleasure.