A SpectacYOUlar Affair

Kay Selisho

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      The Red Carpet The hallmark of any event of this magnitude is always the red carpet. Long, luxurious and covered in lights, cameras, journalists and star power. The dapper dudes dressed to the nines accompanied by some of South Africa’s finest beauties made it hard to forget that ‘glamour’ was the order […]





The Red Carpet

The hallmark of any event of this magnitude is always the red carpet. Long, luxurious and covered in lights, cameras, journalists and star power.

The dapper dudes dressed to the nines accompanied by some of South Africa’s finest beauties made it hard to forget that ‘glamour’ was the order of the evening. Excitedly soaking all this in from the sidelines were the fans who were there to see just who their votes had gone to.

Jonathan Boynton-Lee and Simba Mhere

Simba Mhere and Jonathan Boynton Lee from Top Billing owned the red carpet in C Squared and PALSE Homme respectively. Standing in front of the Top Billing camera filming an insert with Maps Maponyane (dressed by Tiger of Sweden), they all made an extremely handsome picture.

Even though it has been two years since Jonathan won the My Top Billing Dream – presenter search competition and four years since Simba achieved the same feat they both say that the experience remains quite surreal for them. Simba believes that they have both come very far and are lucky to count some of South Africa’s biggest stars as their peers as they mix and mingle their way through the gorgeous crowd. They both love events such as the YOU Spectaculars because they see it as an opportunity for South Africa’s famous faces to come together under one roof and celebrate the local entertainment industry. “You know when you do your first show, there is all this pressure. You go on in front of thousands of people and you don’t know if they’re going to like you or they’re going to hate you… A night like tonight is just such a major confirmation that they like you and they like what you do and that you’re doing it well” says Simba before he dashes off to complete his Top Billing duties.

Paledi Segapo

I also got a chance to chat to Paledi Segapo of PALSE Homme who had some stunning men rocking PALSE Homme at the awards and across the country at that other awards show too. Apart from Jonathan Boynton Lee, ProVerb was also dressed in PALSE Homme. By the sounds of this, sleep is a distant memory for Paledi. He has been working on a store that he will be launching at month end in addition to putting out more PALSE originals that extend beyond the world of suits. Digressing a little from the mood of the night, I asked Paledi about his take on youth culture and he advises our generation to stop expecting microwave results. In the fashion industry, what you give is what you get. “If you put hard work in, great results are what you are going to get.” He believes in the law of reciprocation as well as for successful people to give back and to help up-and-comers climb the ladder too.

_DSC0135 - Copy
Chiano Sky

And then I saw it… the sultry green dress that looked as though it had been pulled right out of a 1950’s movie. In it was the ever-sexy Chiano Sky, serving old-hollywood realness in a satin gown from KLûK CGDT. Her signature red hair, red lip and smouldering face were red carpet ready as she gave the camera the hottest stare. Chiano said that she had been driving passed the KLuK window in Parkhurst and she had what she called “one of those moments where you see green like you have never seen green before.” And I have to admit, I have never seen green pulled off like this in a long time. She too had a message for our young readers; “be passionate, be realistic, be yourself and never do things the wrong way. Cutting corners catches up to you in the end. And then you end up having to do it the right way anyway. Fight for your dreams even when you are unsure.”

Dineo Moeketsi

KLûK CGDT had the gorgeous women on lock that night because they helped Dineo Moeketsi pull off winter white in a beaded number. She was very tight-lipped about her role in Akin Omotoso’s new romantic comedy “Tell Me Sweet Something” and says that we will just have to wait for the film to come out to see just what character she plays. As for her music career, she says that is coming along nicely and that she and the team are currently in the process of dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s before we get to fully experience Dineo’s inner musician.

Jessica Nkosi dressed by Fabro Sanz

Jessica Nkosi certainly went her own way in a burgundy jumpsuit from Fabro Sanz that she chose on the day of the event. It was kind of like a last-minute, love at first sight moment because it was the first thing she was presented with and she jumped right into it (pun intended). She is very happy about how supportive Isibaya viewers were and still are. “It nearly brings me to tears how nice people are every time” she says.

Melinda Bam and Adriaan Burgh

Melinda Bam and Adriaan Burgh say that they were there to support friends and when asked where we can expect to see them next, Melinda said (with the most adorable giggle) that we would “hopefully [see her] in a wedding dress.” and I certainly can’t wait. We can also expect to see her in a lot of her endorsement gigs as well as behind the scenes with a lot of the work that she does for the National Executive Committee of Miss South Africa.

The Event

Instead of the usual “Welcome to the YOU Spectaculars…” bellowed over the speakers; Micasa, accompanied by the likes of Noluthando Meje, Mimi Mahlasela, Pam Andrews and more had the crowd doing the Jika along with them. Who knew our actors and actresses could move like that? Mimi Mahlasela really knows how to get down!
Youtube celebrity stalk-show host Anne Hirsch somehow managed to get passed security and hijack the entire show! I’m kidding, Anne was a fantastic and hilarious host. Thanks to her, we now know how fast celebs can run, even in crazy heels.

The Night’s Winners:

Cricketer Quinton de Kock was crowned favourite newcomer.

Top Billing’s Simba Mhere took home the favourite presenter award and he seemed extremely happy to have the award presented to him by Boity. Then again, one can never be too sure because Simba has a smile permanently pasted on his face.

One of South Africa’s sexiest women Shashi Naidoo seductively sauntered across the stage in a tux that rivalled the suits that the men had on. She handed the sexiest man award to Top Billing’s newest daddy-to-be Janez Vermieren.

The yummy Nico Panagio handed the sexiest woman award to YOU’s resident sexy woman Jeannie D. Can she give other women a chance though? Skip the gym, give the hair appointments a rest and walk around in over-sized sweats maybe?

Ryk Neethling would have handed the favourite sports star award to Itumeleng Khune if he had bothered to show up… Now he’ll have to go pick it up at Anne’s house.

Gert Johan Coetzee presented the most stylish female celeb award to Bonang Matheba who chose to wear his dress to the MAMA’s instead.

Jennie Andrew crowned Expresso’s Katlego Maboe most stylish male celeb.

Xolani Mahola and Nakhane Toure’s duet set the mood for the next category ‘favourite couple’ presented by YOU’s sexiest woman Jeannie D and her Mr. Right Brennan Wright. The award went to Minnie and Itumeleng Khune (another award that he will have to go pick up from Anne).

Gareth Cliff snagged favourite radio personality but Mr. Unradio was too busy and sent his assistant Siya in his place. Micasa were voted favourite music star but had to dash off to another performance after their opening. Things went a little bit left with an odd tribute to Mandela. I get what they were trying to do… I just feel like the meaning of the entire thing just got lost with the out-of-sync dancers. They should have left the dancers out of the tribute.

Diaan Lawrenson (who looked amazing too) presented the favourite actress award to Zenande Mfenyana (who also wasn’t there).Sexiest man winner Janez Vermieren announced Pierre van Pletzen (Oubaas from 7de Laan) as this year’s favourite actor. He wasn’t there to pick it up either so the gorgeous Werner Coester went up to collect it on his behalf.

Things got really eventful at the end when Terence Bridget hijacked the end of show and spent a few minutes waxing lyrical about the soapie industry, in between trying to pick up the poor model holding the award and running away from the host who was clearly sent to get him off stage by any means necessary. After all that comedy 7de Laan was finally announced favourite soapie.

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Photo’s by Kabelo Seshibe.