Speak Life is back on July 28th 2012


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Speak Life, a night of all things artistic is back on 28th July 2012, taking place at 370 Corner of Naples and Main Road, Observatory at 18:00pm. Hosted by TrueSouldier, you do not want to miss this!

The sounds of my favourite power duo, Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius formerly known as Floetry fill my ears as I bounce around with excitement!

Olivier Tshalo of TrueSouldier has just announced the anticipated second instalment of a promising event called Speak Life. The first of the sessions was held on Saturday, 2 June 2012 and saw an array of colourful musical/artistic forms come to life in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa.

Artists included poets, vocalists, rappers, dancers and guitarists – all exhibiting unique styles and some even collaborating together.

The event aims at providing a platform for positive expression, encouraging youth to make use of their gifts.           Funds raised are then ploughed back into projects which also serve a good cause.

TrueSouldier is a business which is involved in three primary fields, production, manufacturing and promotions.  The Speak Life event is one good example of what the company’s vision is.


It is said that the next event which will take place on 28th July 2012 at 370 Corner of Naples and Main Road, Observatory will be bigger and better than the first. Whether that means new genres will be included, extra activities or a change in other elements, we don’t know – but it’s bound to be a banger!

I remember the audience at the last Speak Life event not wanting to leave the venue after an awesome time was had by all, and I can guarantee that the same will happen this time around!

Keep your eye out for details on how to book a slot on the line up or where to purchase your ticket at the affordable price of R25 or alternatively contact truesouldiermovement@gmail.com.

Go on now, life and death lay in the power of the tongue, SO SPEAK LIFE!