Season Grooming Tips for Guys


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Want to know how to look good for summer. Boys eyes only. These are the best men's grooming tips of the season.

  • As a guy, I know girls like a guy that smells good. At all cost try smelling good and not having sweat residue on your shirts or T-shirts (Solo from Yardley).
  • Always try looking well put together and organised in terms of your personal style, whether it be gothic, scatter, street or even vintage at least make it look put together.
  • Girls likes guys to have soft lips, so for guy, it’s okay to use lip balm (Lebello for men).
  • Guys should definitely start grooming their hands and face at least morning or night (Nivea or Vaseline for men).
  • The theory that guys created, guys don’t need to wash everyday! Wrong. Theory out the window and hello to having an awesome shower or bath even if it takes 5minutes.
  • If ever we guys taught dirty and rugged is sexy, you are definitely missing out because then the “Nerd” is jumping the cue. Clean and groom is the new Black.
  • Grooming shouldn’t be a mission. All you need is some ordinary lotion, a Iron, mirror and a brush together with your personal style to look well groom every day.
  • By now you might be saying “this will take too much of my time”, just get up 10 minutes earlier.
  • To end of, Grooming is habit we need to adapt to as guys. Girls believe, well put guys have a well put future

By: Danyal Zaal