Robert De Niro and Jay Z in a "heated"conversation


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Robert De Niro calls Jay Z out at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party for being....disrespectful.

Robert De Niro and Jay Z got involved in a heated conversation at Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday party the other night. The good fellas star De Niro called Jay Z disrespectful in a room filled with Hollywood’s elite among the guest was director Martin Scorsese. Apparently Rap head honcho Jay Z didn’t bother to reply to six calls the De Niro made to him in connection with the Tribeca Film Festival that Jay Z agreed to record  a song for him but failed to get back to Mr De Niro. Jay Z tried to joke his way out of it by saying that “he is terrible on the phone”but De Niro didn’t find it funny at all, going further more to tell the rapper that he thinks “he’s the man”. The Rapper’s wife Beyonce also tried to intervene to calm the situation down which to her effort didn’t work out. Sources close to Mr De Niro revealed later that it was just a private conversation that was simply blown out of proportion. hmm…really?

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