Rebelle Rogue : "Dressing for your being"

Kabelo Seshibe

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It was a day in November 2011, while I was channel surfing and I came across FTV (Fashion Tv) and it felt like I just had an epiphany and my mind was intrigued on how designers went about coming up with the craziest and innovative designs/ranges.   Designers such as Chanel and Jeremy Scott enticed […]

It was a day in November 2011, while I was channel surfing and I came across FTV (Fashion Tv) and it felt like I just had an epiphany and my mind was intrigued on how designers went about coming up with the craziest and innovative designs/ranges.


photo by Nhlakanipho Nhlapo for Live Mag SA
Black Jacket by Rebelle Rogue

Designers such as Chanel and Jeremy Scott enticed my interest in fashion and their ability of making extraordinary fashion had me going to every  library and reading up on every book I could get that had anything to do with fashion –since I didn’t even studied fashion. I felt like I wanted to be daring and start wearing clothes that spoke to me and for me on a good or bad day; I wanted to look like me. And that was how Rebelle Rogue was born.

Rebelle Rogue is a brand founded by Colleen Seshibe. “This brand is an embodiment of modern feminism for a generation that is reluctant to claim the word “FEMINISM” expressed through fashion.”

photo by ©Nhlakanipho Nhlapho for Live Mag SA
black jacket by Rebelle Rogue

Embracing feminism is one of the core things about Rebelle Rogue; using fashion to break many of the barriers women come across. We are the new age generation and are influenced by many things – findings ways to make those things become a part of life rather than just another fad in life. Rebelle Rogue is the embodiment of power, being brave, heterosexuality and Femininity.

Fashion is known as a popular/the latest style of clothing, hair, decorations or behaviour and secondly means “a manner of doing something” and that is what the brand represents. Fashion is more than the attire-“we want fashion to be about ones state of mind and aspirations. Street style is a very big influence in this brand making its sense of style a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret my reality.’’

Street style is a portrait of the innovation of fashion throughout – it exudes more individuality and fashion in a more collective sense and is dependent on current trends. The essence of street style is significant as it reflects how fashion moves in ever-decreasing circles.Street style can never be imitated; it resonates with the individual far beyond the clothes but more of how they feel. An outfit is able to give you a perception about someone. The sense of personal style is evident in street style- to make a statement about how you feel.

It’s not an easy industry to want to take over as clichéd as it may sound it’s true. In the last three years I did and I’m still doing everything I can to learn about the industry, a year ago I worked as a stylist and assistant at another clothing line and that prepared me and taught me so much about designers relationships with photographers, magazine editors and make-up artists, etc..

My love for fashion started back in my first year of college the demand of looking good every day got to me since I wasn’t in high school anymore and wearing the same old boring uniform, influenced me to start Rebelle Rogue.

photo by ©Nhlakanipho Nhlapo for Live Mag SA
black Rebelle Rogue Jacket

“Fashion need not be the attire you decide to wrap your body in; garments you seasonally decide to wear.
Rebelle Rogue is not just leather, silk, zips, buttons -it’s the attitude of leather, the stillness of silk, joining of two parts by zips, transforming an item from one look to the next with buttons, giving eyes life through colour, drawing existence using patterns.”-Nelisiwe Sikosana

I believe that my brand will have somewhat of an influence in the coming years as to how fashion will be perceived in South Africa and letting it become a lifestyle.

Rebelle Rogue embraces street style and is a reflection of culture; we not just trying to showcase / report on what everyone is wearing or should be wearing but represent to the world at large how the garments radiate their power of associations. Every age uses dress and body decoration to signal what is most important at that historical moment.

photo by ©Nhlakanipho Nhlapo for Live Mag SA
Brown Leather jacket by Rebelle Rogue

After showcasing some of their attire in the Elle Magazine Style Reporter Competition in 2013, you can expect a launch later this year from the brand. “We consider ourselves an exclusive brand and seek into not just getting our target market enticed through knowing them in terms of their demographic environment but mostly psychographic and cultural environment ; institutions that are influenced by society’s basic values, perceptions , preferences and behaviours.

We want to introduce fashion for a cause and a reason by giving back to people who follow our brand, as well as having a social responsibility by uplifting aspiring designers and artist through the works of fashion.

You can look forward to us showcasing our work in all the fashion weeks of the world from Milan, New York to South Africa. I wouldn’t want my clothing line in commercial stores; I personally think it wouldn’t appeal to that market. Boutiques and markets make more sense.

But you can check out latest creations for our winter jacket collection. As well as visiting our blog and ‘Like’ our Facebook page Rebelle Rogue SA

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Photography by Nhlakanipo Nhlapo(@Sir_Nhlapo)