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Shami tells us about the Tippy Toes Foundation

Tippy Toes Foundation-

Tamarin Simpson

Run by :Tamarin Thompson


The Tippy Toes Foundation (TTF) was started in 2009 and has now expanded nationally across South Africa. Their motto is “People helping people” . They are closely  involved  with Operation Shoebox who gets presents for kids as well as a traditional Christmas party which reached 150 kids last year.


The Tippy Toes Foundation was assisted by a few American Students in South Africa, and together raised a substantial amount of money to assist in uplifting the Varkplaas community just outside of Melkbostrand, Cape Town. 3 upliftment projects were succesfully completed including new tin roofs and waterproofing, 2 veggie gardens and a stunning playground for the children of the Varkplaas community. They are also involved in communities in the Cape Flats, KZN and a home for mentally challenged children in JHB.