Outreach program: Foodbank South Africa


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Outreach program: Foodbank South Africa

”A South Africa without hunger or malnutrition”
Their plan: URBAN AREAS – Feed people from foodbanks operating food rescues and food procurement programs.
RURAL AREAS – Eliminate hunger and create jobs by making small holder farming viable.
EVERYWHERE – Spur co-operation and efficiencies among those fighting hunger.


Foodbank South Africa supplies food to 1500 agencies (community based non-profit organisations) through-out South Africa.

Take Action:

Donate: funds- the biggest factor which limits their ability to end hunger and malnutrition in SA is the lack of money and any donation will make a difference that will be highly appreciated.
Food– through the organised food drives mainly starches, protein, fruits and vegetables etc.
Volunteer: time – work on the foodbank production line defacing and relabelling donated food around Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg.
– Help with general and specialized office administration and operational tasks

Want a terrific INTERNSHIP?: They provide tailor-made experiences for interns matching your skills and objectives with their needs. If you’re looking for a challenge visit their website and read on more.

More info contact: 0800 00food (0800 00 3663
+27(0) 21 531 5670
OR info@foodbank.org.za