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Summer is around the corner, and as always we need something awesome to do

Writer: Dylan Louw

Recently, we went to the Promenade in Sea Point to revisit our childhood, in a game of putt-putt. This little course is still unchanged since we visited it roughly Ten years ago. So with a feeling of nostalgia we briskly paid our R14 per person fee, and set about the course!

We’re ashamed at how lacking our mini golfing skills have become. But the smell of the ocean, the hot sun on our backs, and the laughter from our friends watching us, made the experience just as special as when we were five years old! All we needed was a softserve ice cream and mommy to apply mass amounts of sun screen to our noses!

On a day you feel like doing something different, head down to the “Ice Cold” Putt-Putt course, or any other one near you, and challenge your mates!

Most of the places barely charge R20 (The Putt-Putt on the Promenade even has a R8.50/ person fee for groups of 10 or more!).


1. Kenilworth Karting (Cape Town):

For only R5O for 10 laps, R60 for 15 laps and R75 for 20 laps, you’ll have tons of fun racing against your mates.

Tel: (021) 683 2670/6174/6950 

2. Jo’burg Zoo:

Who’s who in the zoo? 2000 animals including the nearly extinct albino/white lion.

Tel: (011) 646 2000 

3. Laser quest (Cape Town):

Remember the days where shooting each other with laser beams was fun? “Zapping” will never go out of fashion, so “zap” on.

Tel: (021) 683 7296/3931 

4. Galaxy world tenpin bowling (Jo’burg):

Looking for something cool to do? Grab a few mates, put on a cool bowling shirt and GO BOWLING.

Tel: (011) 447 9141 

5. North gate Ice Arena:

Ok, we don’t have “snowy” Christmasses, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun at an ice rink. Go in groups and enjoy silly falls along with some awesome laughs.

Tel: (011) 794 8706