My Town: Mitchells Plain


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The Plein, Die Plein, Gangsters paradise, to name a few... but here's a different perspective of what Mitchell's Plein is like!

A place where talent scouts go to, a place where business people meet, a developing area and a place which will soon be a force to be reckoned with throughout the city. Mitchell’s Plain, a place first known for its notorious gangsterism and drug dens. That’s not the case anymore, because of its rapid change and major developments. Mitchell’s Plain has become such a colour lit place people of all over come to what is known as the “Plain”, It has its own annual Festival right through the year and many more things to see.

Mitchells Plain has a mixture of everything: whether it’s Malay culture, African culture, or just in simply terms what they call the true coloured experience. Mitchell’s Plain is also known for it back yard family parties and it doesn’t end there. Weekends are definitely set out for those days when they hit the rehearsal rooms for Malay annual choirs, and Band practices for their annual Coons Carnival. Once getting the feel of Mitchell’s Plain you begin to understand why people call it their home town. Whether it be you living on a budget you’ll get by in Mitchell’s Plain, because of there always being some sale or special at the markets which is open 7days a week.

Mitchell’s Plain has so many interesting people to see and to meet. Welcoming faces, talent which is spread like wild fire. Why do I say this? Because most known names (celebs), come from Mitchells Plain. Now that’s a place to be reckoned with.