My Town…..Durbz!


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Wanna know where's the best place to find good Indian food in little mall called Chatsworth Centre... Check out what Vernon has to say about his food secrets

Anyone who has ever been to Durban would know that the best time to go would be either spring or late winter. Summer will kill you and make you want to live by the pool. Come to think of it that’s not a bad idea. But regardless of the weather, if you have to go to Durban than be sure to stop by Chatsworth Centre in the heart of “Indian-dom”. In this derelict little mall lies the best Indian food outlet you will ever eat. Copper Chimney is located in the first floor and all you have to do is ask and people will direct you. They have the best selection of curries, breyani, vegetable dishes and all the sweet treats you can eat. My favourite dish would be the lamb bunny chow. You will die!!!!! Their number is (031) 401 3812.