My Home Town


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Something Farzaanah's got to say about her hood

The town I come from is where all people who don’t  live there WANT to live there. The beautiful Mother City! I am so grateful and lucky to live in town, as I am surrounded by the magnificent Table Mountain, the serene nature and the glittering ocean in summer.  I was born and raised in Bo-Kaap, yes the place with the funky colourful houses you always see in the magazines. My mom was originally from the Cape Flats and my dad was from District Six, so I never really experienced traffic. The highlight of the town would be New Years as the Minstrels aka Coons parade with favourite songs and everyone from the towns close by would watch the tradition. Everyday at noon the noon gun would sound as an indication that it is 12 o’clock, and 21 shots of the noon gun would sound when a ship comes in. I enjoy the noon gun tradition as it’s unique and you won’t find it in any other town. Its a community filled with rich history and neighbourhoods that is a close- knit community. You can check out some Cape Malay restaurants for some culture!