MES- Changing the heart of the city

Guest Contributor

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A group of people doing their part to contribute to the greater good of the world... check out more info and how you can help out!

MES- Mould, Empower, Serve

MES is a Christian organisation that helps vulnerable individuals, families and communities by empowering them through a service model to become independent and sustainable. MES has been running for 25 years and overtime this organisation has managed to grow having 4 branches now Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Kempton Park. This organisation is structured on values which are reflecting love, and care for others . Advancing the voice of righteousness. Lastly to reflect integrity in its operations, management, and government.  To contact MES you can visit their website or call them Cape Town +27-21-949736, Kempton Park +27-11-0244580, P.E +27-41-4510398 and Johannesburg +27-11-7256531.