Maverick Seizure: An Up and Coming Photographer Making it Big in the Industry

Tshituku Ndadza

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Meet Kgotso Michael Aphane[19] from Soweto, also known as Maverick Seizure.

Get to know how he became Thabsie and Yanga Chief’s personal photographer

Meet Kgotso Michael Aphane[19] from Soweto, also known as Maverick Seizure. From teaching himself how to use a camera by watching tutorials on Youtube to working with some of the well known celebrities, Kgotso is paving the way for himself. The interest for this career started when he was young,he would take pictures of everything and his mother would call him out of it.

Several years later, the young photographers dedication is finally paying off and the industry is starting to take notice. The photographer took some time out of his schedule to let us in on the secrets of how he did it.  

How did you get the name Maverick seizure?

It actually comes from a movie I once watched and there was a point some guy talked about how seizures are good at times.He was not referring to the actual seizure but rather how unique one can be.That is how I realised that is what makes the art I make different from everyone else’s.It was also about  how cool it would be if people called me Maverick Seizure, especially girls.

How did you break in to the industry?

I bought a camera after realising i was interested  in taking professional pictures. I was never one to like being taken pictures of but rather I would offer to take them.Funny enough, my mom would think that I am crazy as I would take pictures of almost everything.

Going to Zone 6 helped me; I got some recognition there. There is a guy called Vino who was the resident DJ at Zone 6 in Soweto at the time so he called and told me about how Yanga chief was  looking for a photographer,this was in 2017 around October. The surprising part was Yanga calling me himself and saying I should come through because there was a gig.I didn’t have money but I made a plan.That gig was a start of  something great.

Moozlie captured by Maverick Seizure

What are some of the challenges you came across?

When I finished matric my mom wanted me to go to varsity, I was smart and had got good marks.I could have studied whatever I wanted to. There was a time my family held a meeting  trying to convince me to go study but it didn’t work out. I could have studied at a university but I wouldn’t have been happy.

Getting money is also a bit tricky. There was a time I had an apartment and was struggling to pay for it. I think that photography is not taken seriously as much as music is. That means photographers struggle.

How did you get to work with Thabsie?

I don’t remember how we met but I once told her that I’d like to shoot her. I remember  she called me to go to Durban with her.That was a great experience and it was fun shooting with her.

Yanga captured captured by Maverick Seizure

Tell us about your experience shooting Bas

That was amazing and I really had fun. Bas is signed under J Cole’s record label and he is big in the industry. Being able to capture such great moments was amazing and those were some of my best shots .

Do you think that people in South Africa take photography seriously?

Honestly, I don’t think they do. I am not taken seriously because I didn’t go to school for the work I do. Art  is not taken seriously and that is why I would like to make it big in order for people to see how great it is.

Sihle Ntokozo Ganta captured by Maverick Seizure

Do you think one can make a living with this career?

Well, I am making a living out of this career and I think other photographers can do the same thing. In my case, I am the only one working in my family. This means that I send them money and also be able to provide for myself as well. It has to be about the amount of effort that you put in your work.

Who is your favourite photographer?

Apart from me it has to be Anthony Supreme. I saw him and was very impressed with his work. He focuses more on black and white and captures beautiful images.

What advice do you have for other upcoming photographers?

I believe that if you put the effort you will definitely see results.

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