Masego – Queen Tings


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The Queen Tings music video is the breathtaking video released on the 31 July from Masego’s debut album “Lady Lady”. The video is an ode to black women and celebrates them as regal beauties which goes well with the theme of the song itself. We love the scenic imagery with its golden brown and mahogany hues which is used to celebrate skin tones.

The song, which Masego said was inspired by the royal feel for Black Panther was produce by himself, Biggkid, and Kojo. It features dancehall marimbas, trap beats, and smooth sax sound which bring the regal feel to life. The songs homage to black beauty also runs alongside themes of motherhood through Tiffany Gouche’s verse.

Masego was so excited about the project for the video that he shared pieces of it late last year.

“‘Queen Tings’ was a combination of my excitement for Black Panther, Black History Month, and my upcoming trip to Cape Town,” he said to Essence magazine. “I was in the studio with Kojo and Nicky [Quinn], talking and playing beats and then Nicky put on the beat for ‘Queen Tings’ and the song pretty much wrote itself,” he added. “We dropped a short version of it that same day.”

The video has now reached over a million views on YouTube and has seen a lot of love from fans.  His album Lady Lady has also received some great reviews from critics. Pitchfork gave it a 7.3 out of 10, calling it “sophisticated, steeped in 1980s quiet-storm R&B with hints of smooth jazz along the fringes”. Masego himself described the album as “TrapHouse Jazz” and stated that it was a reflection of his true self.”


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