LOCAL is ''TOPS''!

Zakiyah Ebrahim

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Local Slang - Get Educated!!!

If you’re aiming to live and last in the Cape Flats area in the beautiful Mother City, below are 5 local dialects that you should be familiar with:

1. Hosh – hello

Nothing to do with an actual “horse” – albeit having the same pronunciation – this term has basically replaced the universal greeting in some areas of the Cape Flats. Be careful to not address an elderly person with this word. My mother deems it more than putrid, and whilst you may get away with just a dirty look from her, the next tannie (aunt) might not be that static with the hand. Also look out for ”aweh”, which carries the same meaning.

2. Skollie – gangster

If someone yells that a skollie has just moved in to the neighbourhood, I suggest you start worrying and put stronger locks on your doors.

3. Bra – friend (plural = brasse)

Don’t take offence if he calls you his bra – you are in no way being reduced to ladies underwear.

4. Cherry – girlfriend

Quite frankly, I prefer ”strawberry”. That being said, at least we haven’t been levelled down to something distasteful in both taste and name, like “paw-paw”.

5. Shot – thanks

Arguably, gangsterim is rife in many areas of the Cape Flats, so if you witness some gangster-looking individual uttering the word, chill out – no one pulled out any guns. On the contrary, appreciation is being expressed.