Win cool scooter gear and iPad accessories valued over R5000


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Modes of traveling around the city changing, and fuel cost anxiety rising. Maybe it's time to switch to a scooter.

On the go this summer? Whether you like vintage, retro or modern, there’s a scooter for every style.

Modes of traveling around the city changing, and fuel cost anxiety rising, Vespa scooters are a big trend this summer. For as little as R60 you can zoom around the city for up to a week or more. Although Vespas don’t have petrol gauges, you can switch over to the 5 litre reserve tank if you’re feeling unsure about how much fuel you have left. Vespa scooters are not only fuel efficient, they also have a hard metal body, so if your scooter falls over you can just pick it up and dust it off. Forget about that heavy damage you would have had with a plastic scooter.

Live Magazine SA and ScootDR in Cape Town are getting you ready for summer. Stand a chance to win yourself the coolest scooter accesories. We’re giving away a little something something for you to use while you’re chilling on holiday or on the road.

 For the road: Get yourself an ubercool hamper, courtesy of Scoot Dr containing a ScootDR T-shirt, leather riding gloves and goggles.

To enter: Write to us in the comments section, and name one scooter brand you can find at ScootDR, or email us the answer at, with ScootDR gear as the subject.




For the chill: Tired lugging your laptop around, and scratching it in the process. Core and Live Magazine SA is giving us an iPod hamper that’s the solution to all your problems.  An Incase iPad case to protect your iPad, the sickest headphones by Urbanears and a Griffin stylus to prevent your tablet from getting grubby finger marks. The whole package is valued at over R1500.

To enter: Tell us what your favourite iPad app. Write to us in the comments section and WIN BIG! or email us the answer to, with iPad accessories as the subject.


The boring stuff: Terms and conditions:

1)The judges’ decision is final.

2)The competition is open to residents of South Africa under the age of 25.

3) The competition is not open to employees of Live Magazine, LivityAfrica ; their employees, friends and associates.

4) The organisers have the right to cancel the competition or part of it thereof if deemed necessary.

5)By entering the competition the winner of the prize consents that he/she will endorse, promote and/or advertise the products and the magazine, which would include photographs for promotional purposes related to the competition and the relevant products, without payment or additional compensation for a period of 12 months

6) Proof of identity may be required when redeeming prize.

7) Winners must wait a minimum period of three months before entering another competition.

8) winners will be notified by email.