On Opposite Shores with Zaki Ibrahim


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INTRO: Zaki Ibrahim first made waves with her remixed kool kid track “Heartbeat”. Mixed by house DJ and producer Nick Holder, this was our introduction to Zaki’s music (as well as her stylish haircut and unapologetically gap-toothed smile).

Music is not something new to this soulful songstress, who grew up between Canada and South Africa. Having started her own music label in Canada at the age of 24, Zaki knows more about the industry and has a better understanding and deeper appreciation of music than most. I think working within the industry, behind the scenes, from a street team level to tour management, this helped her understand what goes into putting on  a good show …

Zaki has worked with artists that most only dream of being in the presence of; the likes of K’naan and the biggest and baddest neo-soul artist, Erykha Badu. Zaki also helped bring Tumi of the Volume to perform on the “The African Way Tour” to perform with K’naan, and opened for Badu at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada. For her debut album Every Opposite, recorded in South Africa with Motif Records, Zaki worked with numerous producers and artists from Canada, South Africa, Mozambique, and other parts of the globe, lending the album a worldly feel. Inspired by her South African father – community-radio hero Zane Ibrahim – musically and otherwise, recording in South Africa only felt natural. Every Opposite dishes out different attitudes, emotions, aspects of life and personal thoughts, poetically assembled against a colourful mixture of beats. I have the feeling we haven’t really seen or heard what this voice can do yet. I know for sure I’m looking forward to the creations that lay ahead.


To download her awesome album Every Oppostie you can go to http://zakiibrahim.bandcamp.com/