Live Wire – Android VS Android


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Live checks out the latest highs and lows in the gadget world... With the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and the Vodafone 858...

If stylish design and fluid functionality are what you’re after then brace yourself, the Xperia Neo has all of the above and more. For instance, say you’re out with your friends and you want to record those special moments you can do so with the help of the 8 mp HD camera, and because the Xperia Neo comes with 3G/HSDPA network capabilities you will be tagging your friends on Facebook in no time.

Of course, if you feel the Xperia Neo is too showy, you could opt for the less in-your face and more modest Vodafone 858. At a considerably lower retail price you get the same functions and network capabilities as with the Xperia Neo, the only slight difference is that the Vodafone 858 has a 2MP camera.

So in the battle of the android-powered-phones who will you back this summer, the Sony Xperia Neo or the Vodafone 858?


Writer: Siphiwo Matoane