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Blame it on fame is a show about the Twins Hlelo and Ntando Masina


Blame it on fame is a show about the Twins Hlelo and Ntando Masina. We have seen them on Sabc1 doing a show called Mzansi Insider, they are also radio personalities, YFm listeners will tell you more about their awesome show. Those who know them very well say they have two completely different persnalities. Hlelo is believed to be a person that stands firmly for what she believes in. While on the other hand Ntando is a sweetheart. Seems like the twins are aiming higher, as they have their own reality tv series Blame it on fame.

Season 1 aired on from 5 September to 28 November, 2011, on Mondays at 20h30. So on season 1 we saw them stumble across life obstacles, but being the strong young people they are, they just keep moving foward. This week the 14th of July 2012, is the premier of season 2 of their reality series. I hear it is jam packed with awesomeness, from them taking over the world in high-heels to rubbing shoulders with celebrities and socialites.

Tune in every Saturday, at 18:30 only on etv.

Writer: Nwabisa Sonkqayi