Live at Live


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Khaya tells us about her experiences at Live Magazine, and how she's grown as a person since joining the team.

Live changed my life in many ways. I was sitting at home doing nothing, too lazy to look for a job after I’d done my certificate in photography. I came into the Live offices, Nkuli( the Project coordinator) interviewed me for photography. It wasn’t easy at all in terms of communication, especially speaking in front of the group. The big challenge started when my brother died at Phillippi station, shot by another taxi owner in 3 June 2012. After that my home burned down in July. I had started enjoying being in the field of communication, but these two events made me feel like I was back to square one. I started losing concetration. Then I got an injury in my right leg when we went to Table Mountain to shoot the live challenge story.

All I can say is that at Live they have Love, Hope and Care, because after all these challenges that I mentioned above, they were by my side. Three things I’ve learned in the Live Office:

Communication, Production process, and more skills in editing images.