My Hometown: Woodstock

Chireez Fredericks

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On the slopes of Table Mountain rests my hometown of which I am proud. Woodstock is an area know for its crime as much as its artistic soul. To me Woodstock is where my heart is.

On the slopes of Table Mountain rests my hometown. Woodstock is an area known for its crime as much as its artistic soul. To me Woodstock is where my heart is.

The Victorian style houses are all compressed next to each other, neighbours are like families and everyone seems to know everyone. A Saturday morning is the best time of day to be visiting Woodstock. Take a walk down Victoria Road (the main road) and you will find well know art galleries like the Michael Stevenson Gallery and not so well know galleries like the Print Gallery. These are great places for meeting creative hopefuls and oddly interesting people.

If fine art isn’t your kinda style no problem, head up or down any road and you will discover the world of street art. Graffiti murals are EVERYWHERE! On house, street corners, shops and random buildings. Street art in Woodstock is iconic to the urban setting and often depicts the rich cultural history.

Head on over to the the Old Buiscut Mill for delicious healthy means if you are more of a fine diner. Although it gets packed on Saturday morings and parking is literally impossibley in Woodstock as the roads are so narrow and steep. However, if you are more of an adventouras eater take a little walk and talk down Roodebloem and explore the exotic resturants from the Mediterranean menu at Don Pedro to the  indian cuisine at Chandani.