Live from Live- It's that Time!


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Live from Live- It's that Time!

Deadlines deadlines deadlines! That’s what it’s been all about in most of the days. I’ve been working very hard to keep up with the deadlines and editing my articles that I have written to it’s maximum capacity. Although there has been less time for small outside conversation and more discussions about things concerning our articles, the smiles and energy the team has, has not drained out a bit.

Although there may be a bit of panic in the office with regards to our work there is still some laughter and some crazy cracked jokes going around. Not to forget the fun staff party we had just before went on holiday. The great sense of humour that the Live Magazine staff has is what keeps everyone going at all times.

Working here has been fun and I have learnt a lot from this internship. I have gained a lot of skills that I will take with me to my work place once I get a job. I have made a lot of friends too and I love the fact that everybody in the office get along and nobody has got issues with anybody. It’s a place where you can work at ease and even when you tired you will still be excited to come and work.

So far the focus has been getting the Live Magazine going and making sure everything is in place. Live Magazine is a great place to prepare you for the big world or if you want to be an aspiring journalist it’s a great place to go to and start learning from.