Live from Live- Huda Omar


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Huda Omar tells us about joining the Live team as a designer, and how much she's learnt in just a matter of weeks

This is my third week at Live Magazine SA. I think I’m quite lucky to be a part of the Live team because I have learnt so much so far. I have learnt to speak out my ideas creatively, get inspired, voice my opinion and also mix with different personalities.

What I love about the space is that everybody works together and everything basically comes from the youth straight up. It’s a vibrant space and there’s just good positive energy around here. I don’t feel stuck anymore, I feel like I am actually doing something useful to benefit myself when it comes to improving my graphic design skills and teamwork skills to step into the working world. I have now took on the role of the production manager and I’m looking forward to the challenge. I will also be learning more about photography during my journey here. Picking up on different skills is a guarantee  at Live.

I enjoy that we are all ready to take up this challenge because it’ll make this issue of Live Magazine SA more exciting and more attractive than the last. It’s good to be a part of something this big, especially for the youngsters. Live is a great opportunity for all the youth out there and we should embrace this! This is now my new adventure and its going to be amazing.