Live Fresh – Youngsta


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Live speaks to rapper, Youngsta


19yr old Riyadh Roberts, a.k.a Youngsta, is the 2011 King of Street Rap Champion, opening for Lil’Wayne at the Velodrome in November 2010. “Outside of rapping I’m just a guy that spends most of his time listening to music, doing music, and being music. Both Riyadh and Youngsta are Hip Hop, they both love it equally,” he says. He started writing his own music at the age of twelve, and now he is sitting with a heavy number of mix-tapes under his belt. He has just released his debut album titled “Guyfox,” which we know is going to do well. His single, ‘Clap Your Hands,’ has been doing the rounds on radio and is an instant favourite amongst music lovers on the whole.