Live Fresh – DJ Mnikkisto


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Live speaks to DJ Mnikkisto


DJ Mnikkisto is one of SA’s growing talents in production. He is a DJ, producer and rapper, and he raps on House beats. Before he became a DJ/Producer he was a Hip Hop rapper back in 2005. In 2006 he got drawn into the DJ-ing world and never looked back. He now owns his own fast-growing Kasi record label called Stovutainment, which already boasts multiple artists. He was one of the artists who participated in the Hansa Pilsner “Legends In The Making Tour,” sharing the stage with Liquideep. “We tend to burn our hits when we leave them too long on the Stove”, is their moto. “Look out for our two new singles ‘Isigqum-gqee’ and ‘Ndzerengeya’,” he says proudly.