Live at Live- Nwabisa

Live Staff

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My week at Live magazine.

They say a smile is the best accessory a girl can ever have. Even if the weekend was rough and tiring our mentors are not really interested in that all they want to see is good production, so you got to suck it up, smile and pitch for work.

Hectic week at the office, pitches are now done, what is expected of the live team is the first drafts. I pitched for a satirical piece. Our editorial mentor told me, it’s either you give me something funny or you go home. I blame my mother, she told me that I am funny, I fell for it. Now who has to prove to the world that a funny bone in my body actually exists? Me! Issue five will be dropped in November and our readers will be the judges. Please say I am funny, if you don’t I will be really sad.

I have just recently joined the YouTube team. It has been hectic for me and fun at the same time. From being taught new video editing tricks to being taught how to use an iMac. I almost forgot the new people; I have a lot to say about them. They are taking over the space in the kitchen. And they finish the milk.  I am not complaining, really, it’s just that coffee without milk in the morning sucks. I am just kidding, I welcome you all new chipmunks.  Working at live magazine is all being creative, crazy and being able to live in the moment.