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Here are some street words that you may come across which could be useful for you to know!

So lets get crackin’!

“Ratchet”- Ghetto behaviour that has reached its boiling point

“F.O.M.O”- Fear of Missing Out

“D.M”- Direct Message (twitter)

“Im Gucci” (Gucci=Goosy) – Don’t worry about me Im good

“Preach”- really agreeing on a comment somebody made

“Yellow Bone”- a black person who is light skinned person

“Lezothi”- A very pretty girl

“You a Skothana”- you throw money around #you got money like dust

“Twerk/twerking”- boody hopping

“Friend zoning”- putting a guy or a girl that is interested in you in a friendship zone

“Cock Blocking”- if you a guy and you trying to get with a girl and when someone says something negative about you to the girl that you are interested in, than that person is cock blocking.

“Dick Riding”- over praising an individual with the intention of being noticed

“Boo-thang’’- an upper-class of a side chick meaning you are treated as a girlfriend but you are still kept on the down-low.