The Voice of Youth Launches at Assembly’s


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LIVE #voiceofyouth LAUNCH EVENT: 13 June @ Assembly, Cape Town

See You Next Wednesday

Glossy youth culture magazine, LIVE, is holding an event to coincide with the launch of their new mobile site. Featuring a variety of installations inspired by the magazine’s regulars – such as urban style and vox pops – the event promises to be a fun, interactive experience that allows media, brands and corporates, as well as the public, to become familiar with the LIVE brand.

The event will take place at The Assembly on the 13th June 2012, from 18:00-21:00, after which the doors will open to the public for See You Next Wednesday (SYNW) student night.

LIVE Mag is an urban youth culture magazine that prints 50 000 copies and distributes directly into the hands of 16-25 year olds via grassroots channels. It’s credible content created by the very audience who consume it. Offering the latest in music, fashion, celebrities, sports and culture, as well as covering hardcore issues faced by young people today, LIVE represents mainstream youth: from school leavers to varsity students and young professionals. A collection of thoughts in one neat package.

May 2012 saw the launch of LIVE Magazine SA’s mobile channel, with daily updates from the #voiceofyouth, sitting alongside LIVE’s ever-growing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

LIVE Alive

Join LIVE Magazine SA at The Assembly on the13th June for a night of music, performances and youth culture.

  • Street-style photo booth: show off individual style and stand a chance of being featured in Issue 4 of LIVE Magazine!
  • SYNW -style snaps: get snapped by the roaming photographer and get featured in Issue 4’s SYNW fashion feature.
  • LIVE vox pop video loop: view a video loop of the LIVE YouTube Channel’s regular video feature “Vox Pops”.
  • Falko graffiti art: watch as the maestro of caricatures creates a new piece before your eyes.
  • Awewolves VJs: experience the mesmerising VJ talents of the Awewolves.
  • Street-culture inspiration: with a skateboard art exhibition from Verb and KFD.
  • Live music: from VJs to capella groups, our selection of hot-and-happening sounds will get your thoughts racing and your feet moving.
Live skateboard art KFD

Live skateboard art Verb
Live skateboard art

For more information, contact:

Claire Conroy Live Magazine SA / Livity Africa
Office: +27 (0) 21 4800 400

Live school fashion

Live street fashion

Live fashion

Live Issue 1 Cover

Live Issue 2 Cover

Live Issue 3 cover